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The Perfect Fit for Digital Signage

Secure and easy to install digital signage connections in and around your business


Digital Signage Benefits


The AW900xTR-PAIR offers a robust and reliable connection to your digital sign without the expense or hassle of wired cabling.


Getting a network connection to your sign across the parking lot or across town is simple with the right solution. AvaLAN wireless’s AW900xTR-PAIR plug and play or preconfigured product provides an easy to install wireless bridge to any digital sign.


Advanced encryption technology is used to ensure the security of your content and your digital sign.


Once the wireless link is installed, it becomes extremely easy to tweak settings with wireless technology.Digital signage content can be updated frequently and easily.

Cost Effective

With a Wireless Digital Signage system, you do not need to run a cable from the server to the screen to display contents. This drastically reduces installation expenses.

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