Innovative Wireless Smart Grid

The smart grid makes productive use of monitoring, data reading, communication technology and digital information to bring about sustainability in power consumption.

AvaLAN Wireless offers unique outdoor long range industrial wireless radio modules for easy integration into a number of machine-to-machine applications.


Benefits of Smart Grid Connection Solutions


Smart grid connections ease regulation and monitoring of data flow and energy flow from the formation points. See clear statistics of the consumption.


A coordinated operation that carries on among one or more wireless networks, which functions on multi-mode communication components, helps in improving the utilities operation.


Smart grid solutions are ideal in airports, rails, roads and hospitals.AvaLAN products are an ideal replacement for installations where WiFi or existing systems are under-performing or failing completely due to insufficient range, excessive interference, or unsatisfactory reliability.


The utilities of the wireless grids are crucial. A smart grid wireless backhaul network, using point to point wireless bridges, facilitates the strong stem of these connections.AvaLAN Wireless takes a unique approach to solving wireless reliability through exceptional engineering and design of our products specifically for harsh outdoor environments.


Reduce energy consumption and costs, increases equipment life, and achieve faster identification and mitigation of utility failures.


AvaLAN wireless technology is field tested and proven with over 50,000 radios deployed in the past 5 years.

Smart Grid Applications

Power Grid

Provide complete power system protection, control, monitoring, automation, and integration for utilities and industries worldwide with the right smart grid connection technology.

Water Pump Station Monitoring and Control

Reduce energy consumption and costs. Increase equipment life. Enable faster identification and mitigation of spills.

Department of Transportation Traffic Cameras

Provide real-time traffic monitoring for the department of transportation to reduce congestion.

Water & Wetlands Monitoring

Enable remote monitoring and management of wetland areas. Eliminate the costs associated with physically driving or boating to the monitoring stations to collect data required by the EPA.

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