About Wireless Video Surveillance

By: Courtney Hamby on March 24th, 2015

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About Wireless Video Surveillance

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Camera1Wireless Cameras are perfect for the safety and security of people. They function by transmitting video and audio signals to a wireless receiver which is send through a designated radio band. Some wireless security cameras require a cable or wire for power supply but some of them are battery-powered, making them truly wireless. Wireless Video Surveillance has proven to be very useful regarding security of households and businesses and their installation costs are also very low. These Wireless cameras can be installed in inaccessible places which was previously unthinkable with standard wired camera.


Uses and applications of Wireless Cameras

  • Wireless security cameras are becoming more and more popular in the consumer market because of its reasonable price and advantages. It helps to monitor your home and property.
  • Wireless security cameras are also used by law enforcement agencies to cut down crimes. The cameras can be installed in many remote locations and the video data is transmitted through government-only wireless network to their headquarters.


Benefits of Wireless Video Surveillance

  • A wireless video surveillance camera can boost your wireless security at home or business.
  • They are also used at public places to monitor civilians. Governments are installing them in public places to avoid any unwanted incident.
  • Wireless security cameras can be operated from a distance of 100 feet. There are two types of wireless video surveillance camera systems available. They are:
1. Covert system: The cameras are hidden in this system. It is mostly used to monitor the babysitters and housekeepers or helpers and servants at office.
2. Overt system: When the surveillance cameras are clearly visible, it is called an overt system. They are used for traffic monitoring, for catching speeding vehicles and thieves. They are also useful for deterring crimes in public places like banks, casinos, shopping malls, airports etc.


Wireless Video Surveillance gives you a peace of mind as you feel a sense of security when at home or away from home. You and your property will be safe and which reduces the chances of break-ins by burglars and intruders.  

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