Benefits of Industrial Ethernet

By: Courtney Hamby on March 17th, 2015

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Benefits of Industrial Ethernet

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Industrial_EthernetIndustrial Ethernet is considered to be one of the most reliable networks available for industrial automation applications. Traditional communication device like RS232 provides slow and inflexible data transfer. On the other hand Ethernet communications are reliable, fast and flexible. It provides greater bandwidth and bigger data packages for enhanced communication between devices. In order to achieve the goals of globalization and address new business opportunities, manufacturers need to improve the efficiency of the existing systems. To achieve the same, may companies are turning to Industrial Ethernet.


Benefits of Industrial Ethernet:

- Improved Flexibility

Using Ethernet imparts massive flexibility to the network. A single cable can be used for transferring different types of data, video and voice. In comparison to Ethernet, conventional devices can perform only one task at a time.


- Optimized for harsh environment

Industrial Ethernet switches are specially designed to operate in harsh environments. They have weather resistant enclosures and dual power inputs. These switches are capable of withstanding high mechanical shocks and vibrations.


- Reduced network Redundancy

By using Ethernet a network of devices can be build that can communicate with each other even if one section of the network fails or cables are broken. With the help of Ethernet, a network becomes highly reliable and can withstand failures in cabling or infrastructure.


- PoE 

Power over Ethernet allows the same piece of cable to transmit power and data. This unique feature cuts down installation cost and eliminates the need to install additional devices. In a nutshell, PoE helps to reduce the operating costs to a large extent.


- Wide temperature spectrum

Industrial Ethernet hardware can operate in a wide temperature range and thus eliminating the need for forced cooling or heating. In addition, the hardware comes with a protective coating and thus they can be easily used in outdoor applications. 


- Remote Control of the networks

Ethernet is based on TC/IP protocol which is the underlying protocol of internet. This allows easy data sharing and remote control of the devices. Physical proximity of the operator with the network is not critical anymore. For sensitive data, VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels can be used.


- Different media types

Industrial Ethernet comprises of many well-defined standards that allows it to encompass different media types like optical fiber and copper cables.


Due to its numerous benefits, Industrial Ethernet is going to prevail in the industry for years to come. 

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