Installation of a 900 MHz Ethernet Bridge

By: Matt Nelson on December 19th, 2012

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Installation of a 900 MHz Ethernet Bridge

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How to link two facilities together through trees and buildings

The Challenge - Installation of a 900 MHz Ethernet Bridge The Solution Richard Burgess of IP Data Corporation in Edgewater, Florida was faced with a rather difficult and potentially costly internet connection problem when his company expanded into a new facility a couple of miles away. IP Data is in the business of providing intellectual property information (patent documents, manuals, etc.) from their self-hosted website. Because their location is (or was) in the “Internet sticks” with no cable or DSL access, their connection to the Internet was via leased T1 lines. They moved their T1 lines to the new facility, but wanted to retain access at their old facility to allow some work to be done there and to provide off site backup for their valuable data. The first thought was to keep one T1 line connected to the old facility, but this solution had two serious issues: about $7200/year for the additonal T1, and bogging down their new T1 whenever they wanted to move large files from one facility to the other, disrupting service to customers from their website. Mr. Burgess knew that a wifi link would not work because he had seen the 2.4 GHz signal from an inexpensive wifi blocked by a couple of dense trees. To connect his two facilities, he needed to penetrate a mile of dense Florida wetlands.

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