What is an outdoor wireless bridge?

By: Matt Nelson on January 19th, 2013

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What is an outdoor wireless bridge?

outdoor wireless bridge

raindrops resized 600From time to time I find myself forgetting that many technical folks speak a different language because of all the lingo that we use with in our respective industries.  Today, I would like to explain what an outdoor wireless bridge is and why you might need one.  An outdoor wireless bridge is typically a pair of devices used to connect a network or pc or other network device to a network.  Ethernet networks are all around us both at work and at home.  The outdoor wireless enviroment requires a manufacturer to modify their design in order to deal with more a more extreme tempurature range, UV exposure and humidity.  An outdoor wireless bridges are used in a number of applications including: wireless digital signage, wireless surveillance, wireles access control and industrial control.  All of these applications have an outdoor device that needs to be connected to a network.  There are many differnet wireless technologies that can be used in outdoor wireless bridges.  Outdoor wireless bridges can be standard or proprietary.  Proprietary wireless bridges have advantages of standard bridges because they can be more secure and customized to the needs of the outdoor wireless bridge enviroment.  One of the best ways to secure and outdoor wireless bridge is to only have a limited number of wireless devices that can access the bridged device.  If you use a proprietary wireless bridge then more common devices like laptops and cell phone cannot access the device.  Pay attention to the needs of your outdoor wireless bridge enviroment when selecting a wireless bridge and remember you select diffent clothes to wear if your going outside so why would you not insure your device is also built for the outdoor envirment.