What is IP Video Surveillance?

By: Matt Nelson on March 4th, 2013

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What is IP Video Surveillance?

wireless video surveillance

What is IP Video Surveillance?

IP Video Surveillance can be defined as networked and digitized adaptation of Closed CircuitTelevision (CCTV). In an IP Video Surveillance system, the video footage is recorded by an IP camera and then the resulting substance is dispersed over an IP network. The IP Video Surveillance is far better than conventional analog CCTV as it facilitates improved search capability and better quality images without corrupting the content over time. With IP Video Surveillance, one can record and play a video recording simultaneously. All in all, the IP Video Surveillance provides digital video image that can easily be transmitted over Ethernet or IP network. The major feature of IP Video Surveillance is that the digital video files can effortlessly be transmitted through a set-up in standard Ethernet packets mainly via portable and wireless network devices such as routers, switches, etc.

The Incredible Benefits Of IP Video Surveillance:

ü Enhanced capacity for distant viewing and control. IP Video Surveillance enables ease of watching the video recording from any camera that is connected to the network.

ü IP Video Surveillance makes it rather convenient to store data in any geographic position. In brief, it acts as an open platform to integrate other advanced security systems like access control.

ü IP Video Surveillance is advanced as the IP Camera can be connected to varied communications systems making it easy to send the alerts automatically.

ü IP Video Surveillance technology uses advanced communication systems. For instance, the twisted-pair infrastructures that are used in IP-based surveillance system completely support the transition of transmitting digital images quite effectively with clarity.

ü No matter whether the video recording is recorded or live, it can easily be accessed and controlled that too from any geographic location in the world.

ü IP-based surveillance system comes with the features such as motion detection, local file storage, sensor input, time and date, relay output, and several additional built-in capabilities.


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