How to quote a wireless surveillance system.

By: Matt Nelson on March 13th, 2013

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How to quote a wireless surveillance system.

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How to quote a wireless surveillance system

Having the answers to the following questions can help you adequately scope a wireless surveillance system and properly quote the system.

What kinds of devices are being connected?

-Camera, access control, PLC, RTU, substation, VoIP, sensor, digital sign, irrigation, HVAC, lighting

-Protocol for the devices- Ethernet, RS232, RS485

Are there multiple devices in one location?  If so, how many and type?

What are the Bandwidth requirements for video applications?

- Camera (Standard Def or MegaPixel?)

- Resolution or # of lines                                     

- Frame Rate                                                   

- Compression Rate (JPEG, MPEG4, h.264)

- Camera Model Number                                    

What is the function of the system?

- Live viewing for EVERY camera in network

- Event viewing for a single camera in the network and live viewing of a single camera

- Megapixel Storage at the camera while viewing live video in standard definition

- Store and forward for each camera, live viewing to only 1 camera at a time

Where is the “Head-End”?

Is there more than 1 network location we have to work with that has hard wired Ethernet? Speak to the customer about installing additional Ethernet drops at key locations around the site and whether or not this is an option.

Location of each remote device?

Note any devices that are “tucked” in difficult to reach locations in relation to Head-End

If so, are options available for routing the antenna away from the remote device, to an area that will provide a clearer path to the Head-end

Are remote devices Line-of-Sight or Non-Line of Sight to the Head End location/s?

- Total number of Line Of Sight devices

- Total number of Non-Line of Sight devices

 (Google Earth can be useful for determining non-line of sight path trajectories)

Will radios be mounted outdoors?

- Outdoor rated

- Indoor rated

- Mounting radios in 3rd party control box

Is power available at the remote device locations?

Site address and GPS coordinates (OPTIONAL- for purposes of designing solution via Google Earth)

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