AvaLAN NetAppliance Saves the Day!

By: Matt Nelson on May 10th, 2013

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AvaLAN NetAppliance Saves the Day!

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“Connecting a Lenel OnGuard System with an Otis Dispatch Server over the Internet”

 Recently Marvin Skinner, a security installation technician had the responsibility of connecting an Otis Destination Dispatch system to a Lenel OnGuard system. While architecting this system he came across a hurdle when it was discovered the challenging connection specifications. The Otis Destination Dispatch Server’s are preconfigured from factory with a static lan ip address that must remain as programmed. On the other side the Lenel system must have a secondary NIC set to a predetermined LAN ip address, on the same subnet. In a standard installation, the two systems would be in the same building on the same network, and there would be no issue. However, in this situation, the two systems are located in two separate buildings. Being that Mr. Skinner is not a Network technician by background, he acquired the assistance of two IT technicians, one controlling each buildings firewall. After two frustrating weeks of dealing with the technicians, and them not being able to accomplish the seamless, secure connection needed Mr. Skinner began looking for an alternative solution and found the AvaLAN NetAppliance a FIPS validated secure network path. The NetAppliance was extremely simple to setup, and to get through the firewall, as it only requires a single UDP port to transmit all inside traffic to the client NetAppliance. Now, six months later, the connection has been up without a single fault and the IT managers are recommending this as a critical technology piece for the next several building Lenel system upgrades. 

According to Marv Skinner, “I would recommend these devices to anyone that needs to securely connect two separate networks without needing to be a network technician. Thank you AvaLAN, I will be a customer of yours and your wide array of products for years to come.”



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