Helpful Tips On How To Make Your Wireless Network Secure

By: Matt Nelson on June 12th, 2013

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Helpful Tips On How To Make Your Wireless Network Secure

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Nowadays, any big or small business that you see around is undoubtedly making use of wireless connections. A secure wireless network is a must for the sake of data security & for the businesses to function smoothly. Nowadays, Wireless Networks are prone to hacking & it is very essential that proper steps are taken in order to avoid such a situation.

Wireless Network Safety Tips

   Administrator’s Password - The simplest way for a hacker to tamper with the network settings is by getting hold of the Administrator’s Password. Ideally, only the network administrator has access to the network settings through a password. It is important to ensure that this password is protected from hackers at any cost. For ensuring this, it is advisable to keep changing the password on a regular basis.

         MAC Address Filtering - Yet another way to protect the wireless network from being accessed by unauthorized entities is to enable MAC Address Filtering. Also call Ethernet Hardware Address, the MAC Address is basically a unique identifier given to network interfaces for communication. By enabling MAC Address Filtering, you can specify a list of devices that can only access your wireless network. This acts as a deterrent to any hacker who may try to access your wireless network from any random device.

         SSID - SSID is also another tool which can be misused by hackers to get access to your wireless network. To ensure this, there are several ways by which the SSID can be made secure. The first thing would be ensure that default SSID (a part of factory settings on all wireless networking products) is changed to a unique one. Also, many devices offer the option of broadcasting the SSID to ensure that the users are able to find your network easily. Although convenient, the broadcasting option should be avoided as it an easy way of attracting hackers to your network. Again, it should be ensured that the SSID is changed on a periodic basis to avoid hacking attempts.

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