What are the key benefits of a video surveillance system?

By: Matt Nelson on June 21st, 2013

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What are the key benefits of a video surveillance system?

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Video Surveillance System is becoming very popular security tool in present times. It is used for the benefit of society as a whole in many ways. Equipment like video cameras, digital video recorders, digital video cameras, and CCTV (closed circuit TV) video cameras are in huge demand for security purposes. Terrorist attacks and other such situations can be avoided with the help of Video Surveillance System. This amazing system helps in various other ways and has diverse applications in different establishments. 

Video Surveillance Benefits

Benefits Of Video Surveillance System

  • Prevents Employee Theft: In nearly every company, there are employees who steal from the workplace on a regular basis. Heavy losses are incurred because of employee theft. With Video Surveillance System, their actions can be monitored and future thefts can be avoided.
  • Prevents Shoplifting: Every year, we come across thousands of cases of shoplifting. Retailers lose so much because of this crime. To avoid such losses, Video Surveillance System is installed in malls and shops.
  • Employee Training Tool: Video Surveillance System helps in monitoring employee behavior for employee training. If you monitor your employee doing something praiseworthy, then acknowledge it. Appreciation will motivate others towards positive behavior.
  • Prevents Harassment: Lot of harassment cases at workplace goes unreported. Installation of Video Surveillance System helps in monitoring everything by recording both- video and audio.