How do you determine the components of a wireless security system?

By: Matt Nelson on July 1st, 2013

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How do you determine the components of a wireless security system?

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Different Components Of A Wireless Security System

Do you feel safe in your office? Do you have the feeling that your office lacks privacy? Are you perturbed because of the rising cases of thefts in your area? Is there a way to keep a check on these dubious activities? Well Yes! You can ensure the safety of your employees with a Wireless Security system. With the increasing crime rate, it is very necessary to install a wireless security system. Central Computer, Sensors, Motion Detectors, IP Cameras and Intercoms are different components in a wireless security system which performs varied functions.

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A central computer is the real brain in a security system. The central computer receives signal from motion detectors which are placed in different corners of the office. When the security system is activated, the sensors will detect the presence of any unsocial element or so, and will further transmit it to the main computer. Now you should call the emergency number as soon as possible to counter any major loss further. 

A Surveillance Camera should perform three major functions - detection, recognition and identification. Firstly, it will detect any dubious happening and then, you can identify the person involved ASAP.  Therefore, it is necessary to install a hi-tech IP camera in order to ensure the safety of your premises.

Motion detectors are an important component of a security system. These can be attached with a continuous light source or a burglar alarm. There are majorly four type of sensors used in these motion sensors, which detect the presence of a dubious element and transmit the signal further.

Installing intercom service is always beneficial as you can inform your employees sitting in the auditorium or relatives in the next room about the identified threat. It will alert them to the imminent danger & they can take necessary measures to safeguard themselves.

Alarm facility is a must. The motion detectors should be attached on the alarm, which will get triggered on detection of a threat.  It will also alert others about the threat.