What Are Top Three Video Surveillance Trends In 2013?

By: Courtney Hamby on August 6th, 2013

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What Are Top Three Video Surveillance Trends In 2013?

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Looking at the Video Surveillance Trends In 2013, it is clearly evident that the entrepreneurs in this field have shifted toward cost-effective solutions by embracing the latest technologies and boosting the capabilities of existing infrastructure. The apparent result is availability of sophisticated Video Surveillance Systems that offer real time monitoring and complete access control. So, what are the top video surveillance trends in 2013? Indeed, there are many! Continue reading to have brief information about the top three.

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Transition From Analog To Digitized Technology Or Internet Protocol (IP) – The transition or transformation from analog to IP is the most recent introduction to Video Surveillance trends. Even as the majority of the cameras in market today are mostly based on analog, the newly deployed cameras are anticipated to be IP. The specialty of IP functionality is that it can be integrated to analog cameras by using hybrid sophisticated video recorders or encoders. Thus, organizations can switch to all-inclusive IP solution while capitalizing on the analog assets and benefiting from the IP benefits.

More Use Of High-Definition and Megapixel Cameras – Well, this is not the latest trend, but is there to stay. HD Megapixel and (MP) cameras though have not replaced the existing cameras, however are characteristically being deployed next to the standard

Video Analytics – Development in the area of Video Analytics (VA) has clearly changed its professed value. The value of using VA relevance is apparent – they form insights, enable the users to see what is appropriate and increase the detection of issues. Evidently, Video Analytics make it easy to make quicker and more relevant decisions.definition cameras; particularly in areas where broader field of sight is essential. And since tuned software and powerful hardware are rather easily available, the modern network video recorders can now contain quite a lot of HD and MP cameras.


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