Factors That Make IP Video Surveillance Systems the Best

By: Courtney Hamby on August 12th, 2013

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Factors That Make IP Video Surveillance Systems the Best

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IP Video Surveillance can be defined as a digitized version of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV). Typically, an IP Video Surveillance System involves a camera that records the video footage and the content is transmitted over an Internet Protocol network. As compared to the conventional Video Surveillance Systems based on analog technology, IP Video Surveillance Systems are more advanced allowing remote monitoring with HDTV picture clarity at low cost. Below-mentioned are some other factors that make IP Video Surveillance Systems the best:


  • Complete Surveillance: Wholly integrated facial recognition, demographic analysis and perimeter protection.
  • Remote accessibility: Any video stream, no matter recorded or live, can easily be accessed and controlled from virtually any location over wireless and wired network connections.
  • Life Cycle Outlay: Utilizes more cost-efficient connections. Twisted-pair connections are typically cost effective, well implicit and easy to deal with.
  • Integration Of The System: Provides an open platform to integrate other security systems for example access control.
  • Network Convergence: Internet Protocol network single-handedly supports the venture for voice, video and data applications making the management all the more cost-effective and competent.
  • Excellent Scalability: Efficiently scales from one specific camera to several others.

With relay output, sensor input, local file storage, time and date and likewise built-in capabilities, IP Video Surveillance is the best answer when it comes to event handling and motion detection.


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