How to make wireless ethernet work reliably?

By: Matt Nelson on November 7th, 2013

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How to make wireless ethernet work reliably?

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AW900xtr pair 100x100

Many of us are familiar with wireless technology in our laptop computers, cellular phones and GPS navigation devices. All of these consumer devices work ok for our daily needs but inconsistent wireless connectivity can become a real issue in industrial application that need to be considerably more reliable. So, how do you make a wireless Ethernet connection more reliable?  This is the question that this blog will try to explain. AvaLAN Wireless has produced over 50,000 robust and reliable wireless Ethernet devices over the past few years and we have evolved our product to address the specific issue of reliable wireless connectivity.

1) Add sub-packet error correction to improve Ethernet packet reliability and reduce full packet resends. Ethernet packets are actually very large in the world of data networking. AvaLAN has learned that if you divide an Ethernet packet into smaller packets and perform error check in the smaller pieces you have less "resends" and you can have higher reliability of full packets. Traditional Ethernet only allows a minimal number of lost packets before a connection is lost or your data rate is significantly impacted by multiple packet retries/resends.

2) Design your hardware like a machine not a computer.  Many devices today had full processing and embedded operating systems built into the total solution. AvaLAN has always taken a simpler approach and focused on our designs to be more like "state machines." Not having additional overhead associated with a full operating system and full processing power, AvaLAN has been able to utilize an embedded microprocessor combined with other circuitry to develop more of an industrial tool that is designed for harsh environments and designed to operate continuously at a wide range of temperatures. This capability also allows the system to lose power and return in milliseconds adding to the robustness of the system.

3) In addition to firmware and hardware, the AvaLAN physical enclosure has been designed to withstand a multitude of different climates and situations. Having components that are specifically designed to operate at a wide temperature range adds to our industrial solution.  AvaLAN uses powder coated cast aluminum and gasket cable glands to insure water incursion does not occur and that UV rays do not corrode that enclosure. This type of hardened industrial enclosure adds to the reliability of our system and insures many years of operation.

This combination of components and adaptations has created one of the world’s most reliable wireless Ethernet solutions. Taking the right approach and thinking outside the box has allowed AvaLAN to create a product that works twenty four hours a day and three hundred and sixty five days a year. Never use the “wrong tool for the job”, instead pick the solution that fits your application. If you looking for an industrial wireless solution that just works all the time, AvaLAN Wireless may be your answer.  See for more information.


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