What is MIMO Technology?

By: Courtney Hamby on December 4th, 2013

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What is MIMO Technology?

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MIMO or Multiple Input Multiple Output is a wireless technology that helps in transmitting wireless signals over multiple antennas. MIMO is generally used to improve the Wireless Range, Bandwidth, Interference and ECHO handling features of the new generation of wireless routers. Generally, there are three different types of MIMO techniques:

  • The first type is to maximize spatial diversity by improving transmitting power and efficiency.
  • The second type includes spatial multiplexing where multiple independent data signals are transmitted over antennas to increase data transfer rate.
  • The third type uses channel knowledge at the transmitter to obtain capacity gains.

MIMO: Introduction

MIMO is usually derived by combining SIMO or Single Input Multiple Output, SISO or Single Input Single Output and MISO or Multiple Input and Single Output standards. The access point in MIMO helps in transmitting wireless signals over multiple antennae; thereby, increasing the strength and effectiveness of the signal.


So How Does MIMO work?

Researchers at Rice University applied MIMO to cell towers. The idea was to increase the number of antennae on a given device, allowing the device to receive and transmit data. For increasing the amount of data between the phone antenna and phones it was concluded that MIMO is perfect in increasing the throughput of data transmission.  However, the researchers did not stop there, in order to increase the efficiency of MIMO, they achieved asynchronous full duplex allowing wireless nodes to receive and transmit maximize signal.


Improving The Wireless Range

You must be aware that Echo Handling is an important point that should be considered while placing a wireless router in office or home.  Too much echo can hamper the quality of the network, thus it is important for the router to eliminate excessive echo from the wireless range. This is exactly the reason why MIMO is used. MIMO not only reduces the echo but also provides an ability of improve the wireless bandwidth

There are generally 2 ways to positively affect the wireless range. These methods are:

  1. Use of powerful antenna to transmit signals
  2. Use of multiple antennae to transmit wireless signal


MIMO lets the user use multiple channels, thereby improving the wireless range. Also, MIMO reduces the possibility of interference in the wireless devices.

Today, as major phone companies utilize 4G and 5G spectrums, technological breakthroughs such as MIMO will help in increasing the competition and allowing many companies to spend more on R&D. Alternatively, these improvements are great for the customers as well, as they aim at providing better experience for phone users in the years to come.


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