Top 3 Benefits of Using a Wireless Device with Video Surveillance

By: Courtney Hamby on December 12th, 2013

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Top 3 Benefits of Using a Wireless Device with Video Surveillance

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When it comes to video surveillance, the heavy costs, complicated installation processes and tedious maintenance requirements involved are some of the factors that prove to be a nightmare for many. However, this does not undermine the importance of an effective video surveillance system in a residential or commercial establishment. And, when security is the priority, Wireless Video Surveillance comes as a dependable solution. With capacities ranging from Megabits to Gigabits and features like 99.99% non-stop monitoring and surveillance, a Wireless Video Surveillance system justifies the fact that it is certainly the time to go wireless.  

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Top 3 Benefits Of Using Wireless Surveillance Device

1.   Flexibility And Scalability

Wireless Video Surveillance is a very flexible and scalable option. Deploying wired Video Surveillance System needs a lot of trenching. And, when it involves trenching at an intersection or a historic building, the wiring can be problematic and much more expensive. Wireless Video Surveillance, thus, outshines as an unparalleled flexible option. Also, with Wireless Video Surveillance solutions, cameras are not required to be installed in vicinity to the wired network connection. Moreover, special Carrier-Class Wireless systems with rugged enclosures are also designed for large scale deployments in all weather conditions.        


2.   Mobility

Wireless surveillance system is quite flexible. The transmission of heavy data to mobile vehicles for video monitoring can, thus, be conveniently done. It works best for law enforcement vehicles used by security agencies. Mobile subscriber units receive the captured video from the fixed base station units and enable the guards and police to have a view of the real-time running video surveillance of the crime scene.


3.   Easy Installation And Maintenance

Wireless Video Surveillance can be virtually installed anywhere whether over water bodies, rugged terrains as well as in remote areas. Also, it requires just a few hours or days rather than weeks or months for deployment. Moreover, it does not depend upon the availability of copper and fiber like wired connections. In addition, maintenance or up-gradation of Wireless Video Surveillance system is much easier and economical than a wired one.


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