All About Wireless Range Extender

By: Courtney Hamby on January 27th, 2014

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All About Wireless Range Extender

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Wireless Range Extender is a device which is used for extending the area covered by network signals which are emitted by a source like wireless router. Wireless router can transmit network signals within a finite distance and for covering larger areas you may require to install a Wireless Range Extender. This device is capable of efficiently extending the current network coverage to cover larger distances. The performance of Wireless Range Extender depends on many factors like environmental conditions, building construction, volume of traffic and network overhead.


How Does A Wireless Range Extender Work?  describe the image

Wireless Range Extender employs radio frequencies for transmitting data. This device can effectively transmit data from the wireless networking source to any network connected device like laptop, computer, etc. The extender significantly enhances the speed and the range of the signals. These radio signals carry the signals send out by the wireless source to the network connected device in the range of Wireless Range Extender.


Rating Of A Wireless Range Extender      

Wireless Range Extenders can be categorized according to their rating. This device is available in various ratings that determine the range or distance to which it is capable of extending the signal. Wireless Range Extender is rated on 802.11 scale that employs letter designation for determining the distance covered, speed and efficiency of a model. The rating of a Wireless Range Extender must match the highest rating permitted by wireless source to which it has to be attached.


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