All About Wireless Ethernet Bridges

By: Courtney Hamby on February 12th, 2014

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All About Wireless Ethernet Bridges

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AW58100HTP PairA wireless LAN is just like the traditional LAN except that each network device in it uses a wireless Ethernet bridge. Hence, wireless Ethernet bridges provide LAN access to various wireless network devices. Similarly, they also provide long range and high speed connectivity among the Ethernet devices in the industrial and commercial setting and also to long distances far exceeding the maximum length of the cables. In the wireless Ethernet bridges, the data is transmitted using the radio or infrared transmission unlike the wired LANs where the networks are connected through coaxial cable, fiber optic or twisted pair cable.


Network Topology

Wireless Ethernet works in the same way as the traditional wire Ethernet. It uses a central wireless access point that also serves as the radio transmitter. All the devices in the wireless Ethernet use similar radio frequencies, so that the whole network system works as a shared media. Due to the use of radio waves, the signal travel through all the directions from the access point. The amount of interference is a determining factor in defining the maximum range from the access point to the computers.


Type Of Wireless Networks

Unlike the wired networks, there are two different modes in which the wireless networks can be set up. These two modes are: Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc. The choice between these two modes is dependent upon whether the wireless networks needs to share the data with a wired network or not.


  • Infrastructure- The wireless network is set in the infrastructure mode if the computers on the wireless networks need to be accessible to a wired network or to share a peripheral such as printer with the wired network computers. An access point is at the center of infrastructure mode which serves as the main point of the communication.
  • Ad-Hoc- This mode is used when the network is small needing to be shared only with the computers on wireless network. The computers equipped with wireless transmitters and receivers can directly communicate with each other within the Ad-Hoc system thus eliminating the need to have access points.


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