Ethernet Switches – How Important Are They In A Network?

By: Courtney Hamby on February 19th, 2014

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Ethernet Switches – How Important Are They In A Network?

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A computer network is defined as an interconnection of system, software and hardware to share information and data. An Ethernet Switch is an external device that connects computer and other networks with each other.


How Does An Ethernet Switch Work?describe the image

An Ethernet switch interconnects several devices on a network. It receives frames transmitted from a device and uses an appropriate port to transfer them to the connected device. Along the pathway, these frames determine the location where the Ethernet device is placed and it use this information to decide which port to use for passing the frames.


As the Ethernet switch learns where the device is located, it stores this information in its memory table. Each Ethernet switch varies in terms of storage space and frame. Ethernet devices identify the address storage memory for each device in a network and thus affect the entire network. For example, if you wish to incorporate a 100 Ethernet device in your network, your Ethernet switch should have a table large enough to accommodate more than 100 Ethernet addresses.


Monitoring Errors & Diagnosis

Ethernet switches work well in monitoring and diagnosing traffic related errors in an effective manner. In addition to this, there are several other features supported by an Ethernet Switch.  Firstly, it controls whether a port is enabled or not and secondly, it helps in sustaining the quality of a signal.


In addition to this, an Ethernet switch is also responsible to maintain the statistic of transmitted and received data. It controls the number of errors generated in a port and indicates if signal is online or offline. The statistics are extremely useful in determining faulty network nodes.


Securing Network Data

The advantage of an Ethernet switch is that it offers a secure and direct data connection to each media access control address. Every networking device comes with a unique MAC address that is also considered as an identification number. It ensures complete safety and secures vulnerable date on the nodes. Through this way, wastage of bandwidth is controlled.


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