Wireless Modules – Eliminating the Need for Cables

By: Courtney Hamby on February 24th, 2014

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Wireless Modules – Eliminating the Need for Cables

It took some time for wireless modules to grow from being a simple innovation project to inducing a domino effect. Today, wireless modules are being used more than ever before to transfer information between points that don’t need to be connected through any electrical conductor. Without them, could you have imagined a mobile phone? Certainly not! Apart from mobile phones, personal digital assistants, satellite television, two-way radios, cordless telephones GPS units, etc. are some of the advancements based on wireless modules.

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Wired Vs Wireless System

In a wired system, each component of the device in connected to a central unit. A wired device is comparatively cheaper than a wireless one. However, installing a wired connection requires both time and money. On the other hand, systems that use a wireless module, work on the same principle as a remote control does.

Not only is a wireless system easy to install, but it looks neat and tidy as well. It is the best option for people who wish to install a hassle free connection. Traditionally, wireless modules used to cost more, but with advancement in technology, the difference between the cost of wireless systems and wired systems is getting narrower.


Wireless Module – Changing The Face Of Entertainment

Today, a lot of people are purchasing HDMI cables or Data Transfer cables to connect their cameras to their TV screens. With wireless modules, sharing both photos and videos on a large High Definition TV screen has become extremely easy. The new generation of television now uses wireless transfer technology to transmit and receive data. You can now watch high definition movies on a big screen without the use of those long, boring data cables.


Wireless Module – Smart Home

Manufacturers are experimenting to seek newer ways to incorporate wireless modules in electronic appliances and devices, and home automation or Smart Home is its biggest example. The concept of a smart home is gaining immense popularity day by day. Smart Home enables you to use information technology and computer so as to control all your electronic appliances and their features (for instance lighting or windows). You can send a command from your mobile phone or a handheld device and the specific device would function as per your request.


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