Keeping Property & Life Safe With Wireless Access Control System

By: Courtney Hamby on March 12th, 2014

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Keeping Property & Life Safe With Wireless Access Control System

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home security system needs1Be it a business or an individual, when it comes to protection, proper safety measures must be there and not letting unauthorized individuals enter the premises is a part of ensuring security. Unauthorized access to a residential, commercial or industrial set up can be prevented by installing Access Control System.

What exactly is an “Access Control System”? Access Control System is an electronic device through which the access to certain premises is granted to the authorized individuals only. The mechanism can be used to control the access to a house, group of buildings, computer or any other equipment.

Wireless Access Control System

One of the latest innovations in the field of Security Devices, Wireless Access Control System is devoid of almost all the demerits of conventional Access Control System. Conventional systems had wires that were the most important physical medium for installing the security device. On the other hand, wireless technology is known for better encryption and it eliminates that use of additional hardware. Wireless Access Control Systems are the best tools to ensure optimum safety of individuals and equipment. The features of Wireless Access Control are:

  • Restricted access
  • Identification and authentication
  • Accountability


Features Of Wireless Access Control Systems

These Security Devices come with more enhanced compatibility than wired security systems. Below-mentioned are some other important features of Wireless Access Control Systems:

  • Reduced Installation Time: It takes only a few minutes to install a Wireless Access Control System, whereas installing wired systems is not only time consuming, but requires strategic power control management.
  • Secured: Wireless Security System is extremely reliable as it transmits waves at different frequencies at the same time that are difficult to decode from an external device.  Sometimes, when there is an interruption, a warning alarm is automatically displayed on the control screen.
  • Easy Re-Deployment: Sometimes we need to change the position of the devices. With a wired system, this is hard to maintain. However, with a wireless system, new installations can easily be made in extremely minimal time.


In addition, Wireless Access Control Systems completely overshadow the demerits of the wired system and thus are the best solutions for modern day business functioning.


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