The Advantages Of Wireless IP Surveillance

By: Courtney Hamby on March 24th, 2014

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The Advantages Of Wireless IP Surveillance

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Installation of surveillance and monitoring system faces a number of challenges including lack of network infrastructure, hostile weather conditions, distance to be covered and many others. In the recent years Wireless IP Surveillance has emerged as the answer to these challenges. IP stands for Internet Protocol and a Wireless IP Surveillance system creates digitized videos which are shared through a computer network enabling remote monitoring in the areas where network has a reach. This surveillance over the internet from any remote location has multiple advantages.  This Surveillance System is easy to deploy, offers high degree of functionality; it is cost-effective in installation and operation and completely scalable. The merits are discussed briefly hereunder. 


  • Easy Installation: Connecting outdoor locations with wires becomes very demanding especially if the region includes water bodies, rugged terrains and remote sites. However, with Wireless IP Surveillance Systems, there is no such issue.
  • Remote Accessibility: IP Surveillance system provides access to live or recorded video streams over the internet from any location in the world. This remote accessibility makes Wireless IP Surveillance so popular.
  • Flexible: In a wireless surveillance system, cameras are not permanently fixed to one location. The whole set up can be easily moved from one place to another if the need be. This offers a great degree of flexibility in revamping the video monitoring system.
  • High Capacity: The availability of wireless networks in a wide range of bandwidth capacities allows transmission of high-resolution videos in real-time, one of the major requirements in any surveillance system.
  • Network Convergence: In Wireless IP Surveillance, data, video, voice, etc. in the enterprise are managed by only one type of network (IP) which brings down the costs and makes the management more effective.
  • Open & Interoperable: IP Surveillance functions on open standards and allows the use of products from different manufacturers. As a result, one has more options for increasing performance choices. This interoperability also has cost benefits. Besides, IP Surveillance System offers a high degree of scalability.


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