Overview Of Wireless Extender

By: Courtney Hamby on April 3rd, 2014

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Overview Of Wireless Extender

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Simply put, Wireless Extender is an easily portable device which can extend your Wi-Fi signal as well as offers excellent network performance. All thanks to this addition in wireless technology that now you can improve wireless coverage in any area having weak signal.

wireless extender

Also known as Wireless Repeater, Wireless Extender is typically designed for those tech-savvy people who want to expand the coverage of an existing wireless network or are looking to create new wireless network. The Wireless Extender offers an excellent solution so as to upgrade a wireless network.


Why Wireless Extender?

This multifunctional and flexible device boasts of a range of features enabling it to:

  • Perform competently as an access point
  • Bridge with repeater, access point
  • Be used in an existing wireless network


What Wireless Extender Has To Offer?

This advanced device enables users to rapidly and effortlessly interconnect LAN, LAN and WLAN networks. To elaborate:

  • Wireless Extender acts as a home plug adapter and thus can easily connect a printer or a computer (and likewise device) to LAN through an electrical outlet.
  • As a wireless local area network access point, the adapter enables the WLAN device to communicate with the existing LAN network. Thus, users can extend their wireless network to areas that were out of range earlier.
  • Because of the built-in LAN port of Wireless Extender, it can easily be used as a wireless local area network adapter particularly for single network device.
  • On the other hand, the Wireless Extender can also be constructed and used as a WLAN client so as to attach a home network to a particular Internet access point.



There are several significant uses of Wireless Extender. Some of the uses of a typical Wireless Extender are:

  • In those areas that do not have Internet access
  • In particular areas that have a good deal of interference (generally interference may be caused by several factors such as metal appliances, a microwave oven, even metallic coating or an obstructed line of view)
  • In areas where the distance between the wireless signal (generally a router) and the computer is relatively too great
  • In areas where networking has to be done with multiple computers and interference


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