Features Of Wireless Access Point

By: Courtney Hamby on April 10th, 2014

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Features Of Wireless Access Point

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AW58100HTA NEWireless Access Point is a configured device on wireless local area network. It features a transceiver and antenna that help it in transmitting and receiving wireless signals even Wi-Fi.  It is commonly used to support the public internet hot spot and is also used by businesses to extend their networks. Basically, the Access Point is used indoors where the conditions are not harsh but there are some specific designs that can work outdoors too. There are two types available, first is the internal antennas version and the other is the external antenna version. These two models are explained below in detail.


  • Internal antenna version has captured antennas and is best suited for indoor installations where aesthetics is a primary concern.
  • External antenna version has a rugged design and is better suited for industrial and commercial installations such as schools, hospitals, factory and warehouses. It is suitable for demanding environments.


Features Of Wireless Access Point

  • Front Panel – The front panel consists of lights that display all the information about the network activity. The power light is on after the device is powered on. PoE light is lit when the access point is powered through ethernet cable. An ‘On’ wireless light is the sign of active wireless module on the access point. Ethernet light is ‘On’ when the access point connects to a device with the help of Ethernet network port.


  • Back Panel – It consists of reset button, ethernet port and power port. Reset button is used to reset the access point to the factory default configuration. Ethernet Port connects to the wireless network device while the power port connects the access point to the power.


  • Antennas and Positions- Located at the back are three antennas which are in standing position and can be rotated to 90 degrees. 


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