Benefits Of Ethernet Switches

By: Courtney Hamby on April 16th, 2014

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Benefits Of Ethernet Switches

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Ethernet Switches are devices that are used to connect PCs, laptops, servers and other Ethernet enabled devices such as IP cameras to a local area network. They feature ports that allow faster access and even connectivity to PCs, routers and servers. Many of them also have high speed uplink ports to support high speed cabling requirements. The switches are used for many commercial and industrial applications ranging from small offices, internet service providers and military installations. Some of the benefits of using Ethernet Switches are listed down below.

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Benefits Of Ethernet Switches

  • Running a cable to every industrial Ethernet node can be quite costly and even decrease the reliability. Hence, the Ethernet Switches help to eliminate the crucial and expensive wiring options.


  • They are very easy and convenient to install even in harsh environments, without the need for any expensive climate controlled enclosures. These switches eliminate collision as compared to the hubs which are unable to do so.


  • They never propagate bad packets in the networks. These switches use a store-and-forward technology that ensures the data integrity of the packets being forwarded by performing cyclic redundancy checks. Also, the packet is sent and received in a specific period of time.


  • They have low latencies that mean the network packet takes lesser time to transit between the source and the target. The latency introduced by the switch is faster than that required by most of the industrial applications.


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