Tips To Choose The Right Wireless Access Point

By: Courtney Hamby on April 28th, 2014

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Tips To Choose The Right Wireless Access Point

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describe the imageA wireless access point is a device used to transmit and receive radio signals through transceiver and antenna. Wireless access points are usually used in the place where many computers share broadband internet connection. With the introduction of new products with better performance, the wireless broadband technology has developed significantly. Choosing the best wireless network is a difficult task as the technology is evolving rapidly. This article gives a handy guide to help you select the right wireless access point suitable for your requirements.



Price plays an important role in the selection of wireless access points. An access point with higher price may include support tools. Carefully consider the installation of high-priced wire-less access points. It could be worth the money if it saves considerable time in installing the wireless LAN.



Choose the wireless access point that supports firmware upgrades as the wireless LAN standards are developing rapidly. It is also beneficial if the upgrades can be done from a central access point, which automatically allocates the upgrade to other access points on the network.



Wireless access points with range enhancements are advantageous as they minimize the number and costs of access points. The overall cost can be lowered by using longer range as it requires few access points.  



Wireless access points should be certified with the appropriate regulatory body. Make sure the vendor you choose has certified products for the applicable country.


Operating temperatures

Wireless access points work well in typical office environment where temperatures are neutral. However warehouse and manufacturing plants have temperatures that are either very hot or very cold depending on the local climate. Be sure the access point you choose is capable of enduring extreme temperatures.


Installation and Support tools

Support tools have become an important aspect for the selection of access points. Tools such as HTTP and Telnet offer easy configuration and management of access points. Also, be aware of the features that can simplify the process of installation.


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