About Network Security and its Importance

By: Courtney Hamby on May 5th, 2014

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About Network Security and its Importance

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Network Security has become important for computers in domestic, industrial and government institutions. The security concern has increased as the structure of internet allows for many security threats. In order to secure the network, it is first important to find out the possible security threats and then find solutions accordingly. The businesses can make their network secure by changing or altering the internet structure.

Encryption mechanisms and firewall are few methods that are primarily used for securing the networks. In order to make the network secure from possible threats, the businesses can create an ‘intranet’. While developing a secured network, it is important to keep the following things in mind:

  • Access- all the authorized users should be allowed access to and from a particular network.
  • Authentication- the authentication of the network user should be done and ensured that the profile of the person is right.
  • Confidentiality- Make sure that all the confidential and personal information remains private and secured.
  • Integrity- make sure that the message undergoes no modifications during the transit.
  • Non-repudiation- the user should not be able to refute about using the system.


Common Types Of Security Threats:cvirus

  • Eavesdropping- when a third party intercepts with the network system, then it is called eavesdropping. Passive eavesdropping is secretly listening to the network messages while active eavesdropping is inserting something into the communication network.
  • Virus/worm/Trojans- viruses are in the form of files, once opened, they will infect the whole system. Worms are like the viruses but unlike viruses, they do not require files for propagation. Mass‐mailing worms and network‐aware worms are the two common types of worms. Trojans look like some programs but they have malicious purpose.
  • Phishing – it is a common practice to attain the confidential information from the group, individuals and organization. The phishers dupe the users to disclose their personal information such as credit card number, banking credentials, etc.
  • Spoofing –  it is a type of attack in which the computer network mirrors the IP address of a trusted computer network to gain access to a computer network.  The identity of the user is hidden making it difficult to prevent and protect.

After looking at different types of threats to which a computer network is vulnerable, it becomes important to take the appropriate measures to keep them protected and secure.


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