Importance Of Network Security For Business Organization

By: Courtney Hamby on May 7th, 2014

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Importance Of Network Security For Business Organization

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network Security2Technology has progressed so much that it would be no surprise if your computer is hacked and you are completely unaware of the reasons for it. On a personal level, the network security includes only the downloading and installation of anti-virus software and firewall settings. However, when the same problem arises in a business organization, then the solution cannot be as simple as in the personal computer networks. As the risks are many in a business organization, there should be a complete system dedicated to securing the networks.


Any organization should monitor its system for potential unauthorized access and other kind of attacks. In order to safeguard sensitive information, it is important to perform routine checks and create a reliable and safe network. Every year, many organizations, corporations and governments dedicate a substantial chunk of their investment on their computer and network security. It is crucial to establish a safe and secure network for the following reasons:


Importance Of Network Security For Business Organization:

  • To Protect Company’s Assets- This can be considered as the primary goal of securing the computers and computer networks. The assets mean the information that is stored in the computer networks, which are as crucial and valuable as the tangible assets of the company. The computer and network security is concerned with the integrity, protection and safe access of the confidential information. It also involves the accessibility of information in a meaningful manner.


  • To Comply with Regulatory Requirements and Ethical Responsibilities- It is the responsibility of every organization to develop procedures and policies addressing the security requirements of every organization. These policies work for the safety and security of any organization and are compulsory for any organization working on computers. Protection of company’s assets would mean that it is protected from liability addressing to the ethical responsibilities of an organization.


  • For Competitive Advantage- Developing an effective security system for networks will give the organization a competitive edge. In the arena of Internet financial services and e-commerce, network security assumes prime importance. The customers would avail the services of internet banking only if the networks are secured.


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