How To Secure Different Networks

By: Courtney Hamby on May 12th, 2014

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How To Secure Different Networks

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A secure network is essential for running any organization smoothly. It works as a protection layer to secure the organizational data thus preventing security breaches that can result into monetary losses. The organizations are now using private networks or intranets to keep their networks protected against security breaches. The internet engineering task force introduces security mechanisms in various layers complying with the Internet Protocol Suite. These security mechanisms can be transferred across the networks allowing for a logical protection of data.


IP security is the security architecture of internet protocol. The new generation IP (IPv6) version and the current (IPv4) version of internet protocol are analyzed to determine the security implications. The security measures exist within the protocol but there are other security threats too that are not within the protocol. For such security threats, other kind of safety mechanisms can be employed. Designed in 1980, IPv4 was developed to replace the NCP protocol on the ARPANET. However, within two decades of its existence, it displayed several limitations. Considering this, the IPv6 protocol was designed. It was totally a new design and not a superset of IPv4 protocol.


How To Secure Different Networks?

Comp office Network

Business organizations today use a combination of firewalls, authentication mechanisms and encryption to create ‘intranet’. The intranet is connected to internet and protected at the same time. Intranet is a private network using the internet protocols but limited to the employees in an organization. On the other hands, extranet is accessible to customers, suppliers and other approved parties. The intranet can be set up quite easily in a controlled environment but it is exposed to various security threats. To make it secure, you can follow the below mentioned measures:


  • Set up firewalls that would detect and report about the intrusion attempts.
  • Use a sophisticated checking to detect viruses at the firewall.
  • Enforce rules for employees that open the e-mail attachments.
  • Authenticate the network by a timed and synchronized password or security certificate.


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