Selecting The Right Video Surveillance Camera

By: Courtney Hamby on May 19th, 2014

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Selecting The Right Video Surveillance Camera

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As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the organization is completely secure from all kinds of threats. For this, you need to take up an efficient security system which provides you with the facility of keeping a check on your employees and assets. In such a case, opting for a video surveillance system is a smart move.

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Purpose Of the Camera

It is important to select the right cameras for the success of your video surveillance system. The first consideration while choosing the right camera is to determine the exact function it will serve. Some factors that you can consider include:

o If you want to see if something is happening

o If you wish to see an event and determine exactly what is happening

o If you want to identify the persons involved


The answers to these questions will help you decide what kind of camera is required. It is essential to have the correct cameras in place if you want to get the best out of your surveillance system.


Choosing The Camera Type

While choosing the camera type you need to take in account a few factors such as the location of the camera or the look you prefer. There are different cameras available for both indoor and outdoor use. For example:

o PTZ: These are Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras which are known for their versatility. These cameras can move left and right, move up and down and zoom in or out. They can also rotate 360 degrees for viewing any object.

o Bullet: These cameras are shaped like a bullet and they come with infrared lighting. They are suitable to be used both for indoors and outdoors.


Deciding On The Field Of View

The field of view refers to the area which a camera can view. The field of view is decided by the focal length of the lens. While a shorter focal length helps in viewing more of the scene, a longer lens decreases the field of view.


Checking The Resolution

Resolution refers to the measure of detailing you wish to see in the image. Higher resolution provides you with a better definition, quality and clarity of a picture. Cameras with a lower resolution produce images with less detail.


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