Tips For Wireless Network Security

By: Courtney Hamby on May 27th, 2014

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Tips For Wireless Network Security

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With the advancement of technology, many people are getting inclined to wireless network connections as they are easily accessible, convenient to use and affordable. However, there has been an equivalent increase in security breach and identity theft due to these wireless devices. The security concerns associated with these networks are serious as the systems are becoming increasingly exposed to penetration and bandwidth theft. Therefore, it is important to take the below mentioned steps to secure your system.

describe the image1.   Change Default Passwords and Usernames: All Wi-Fi network providers enable certain web pages through which the network owners can access their account information and IP address. These web pages are protected with a username and password that are accessible only to the original users. You should immediately change these settings to protect them from web hackers.

2.   Turn on WPA / WEP Encryption: This is one of the most necessary technologies that are required for wireless network security. Today, Wi-Fi networks consist of certain encryption technology that can scramble the messages and data transferred through the wireless network. You should enable this setting with the help of your network provider as early as possible.

3.   Change SSID Default Settings: Wi-Fi networks use a SSID name to identify their access points and routers. These names are very common and are well-known among hackers. Therefore, you should immediately change the default SSID name when configuring wireless security on your network.

4.   Enable MAC Address Filtering: Each Wi-Fi network possesses a unique MAC address which connects the network to the device. Many network providers offer a facility of configuring this address to restrict the network only to certain devices. Thus, enabling this feature can significantly help in providing network security.


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