All About Ethernet Switches

By: Courtney Hamby on May 30th, 2014

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All About Ethernet Switches

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router networkEthernet Switches are those devices that are used in almost all types of data networks to provide uninterrupted data connectivity through networking devices. These switches are extensively used in a number of commercial and industrial applications to provide faster connectivity and easy access of the network. The technological advanced Ethernet Switches have emerged as a communication protocol that can be easily adapted for almost all sorts of applications in offices, business houses and homes. Here’s a list of the advantageous features of these switches.

  • Ethernet Switches are a better alternative to traditional hub connections that did not provide any scope for diversification. These recently developed switches improve the flexibility of the network as they have the ability to enable different types of data including videos, voice, etc. with a single cable.
  • Another significant feature of the switches is their fast network redundancy. Therefore, with the use of these switches, the devices continue to communicate with each other even when a network switch fails or a cable is broken. This redundancy ability of the Ethernet Switches has made them highly reliable for industrial applications.
  • The use of Ethernet Switches enables the cell phone networks to connect with industrial equipment. This means that a vehicle connected with a network like GPRS and 3G, travelling around a city can stay in undisrupted contact with a server lying hundreds of miles away.
  • The devices that use Ethernet Switches can be connected with each other and thus, they provide the facility of data sharing and remote controlling between those devices. Moreover, sensitive data can also be transmitted these switches by using the VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels that are aligned with the switches.
  • These switches are one of the most affordable alternatives as compared to the conventional network connecting cables. Therefore, they help in eliminating the expensive wiring options and multiple cable requirements.


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