Tips For Choosing Camera For Surveillance Installation

By: Courtney Hamby on June 19th, 2014

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Tips For Choosing Camera For Surveillance Installation

describe the imageDigital Video Surveillance is the best way to protect businesses and offer a safe working environment to the employees. To maximize the benefits of Digital Video Surveillance, it is very important to consider factors like physical security requirements, locks, alarms, lighting and landscaping. The security cameras play a very important role in securing the work place and developing a sound security system. It offers the businesses an edge in today’s vulnerable environment. It is not only important to provide security to the workplace but also works as a management tool.

With the effective use of Digital Video Surveillance Camera, problems like liability and worker’s compensation premiums, fraudulent claims can be reduced. Besides, it prevents and apprehends dishonest employees and customers. It allows keeping a regular and constant check on the business in other locations from a place that is convenient for you.


Tips For Choosing Camera For Surveillance Installation:

  • Image Quality- This is the most important feature of any camera especially when the camera is to be used for monitoring and surveillance and where the lives of several people is at stake. Superior image quality allows looking closer at the captured images.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) – PoE technology reduces the installation costs eliminating the need to have power outlets at the camera locations. It also allows for uninterrupted power supply application during power outage ensuring continued operation.
  • JPEG/MPEG4 standards- It is important for every camera to follow the JPEG or MPEG4 standards. Complying with these standards would mean flexibility in operation and would let you to look at video even after several years.
  • Progressive scan- Not all the security cameras have it, so make sure you choose one with progressive scan. It involves exposing and capturing the complete image simultaneously. In such scan, all the lines are scanned perfectly so that there is no flickering effect.


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