Development of Digital Cameras

By: Courtney Hamby on June 30th, 2014

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Development of Digital Cameras

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digital cameraThe high-resolution digital camera have almost replaced conventional film cameras and become a major hit among camera enthusiasts. Also known as digicam, it captures still photographs and videos digitally and stores them for later reproduction. The proper digital camera did not simply emerge as a new technological product. Several other products were developed first, which led to the creation of digital cameras.


History Of Digital Camera

The history of digital camera traces back to 1950s, when the computer technology was gaining significant popularity. The digital technology was initially used by government and spy satellites. But the entry of private sector revolutionized the digital technology. In the mid 70s, things started to change significantly and the foundation of digital camera was laid. The vision camera and industrial camera were introduced during this time.


Digital photography took another leap in 1975, when Kodak invented the first electronic camera for both professionals and hobbyists. They played a big role in developing cameras and equipment that used digital formatting but it was not until 1986 that they invented mega pixel sensor.  The mega pixel sensing unit was capable of recording 1.4 million pixels that could produce a digital photo-quality print with 5×7 inches in measurement. In 1990, Kodak made another major contribution by launching photoCD. In 1991, Kodak released the first professional digital camera system, aimed at photojournalists. From that point onwards, the digital camera industry continued to progress. The improved resolution and image quality of digital camera had overtaken the conventional camera market today.


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