Security Network Appliances in the market.

By: Courtney Hamby on July 17th, 2014

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Security Network Appliances in the market.

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One of the key issues faced by today’s companies is protection of its computer network from unwarranted traffic. These network systems form the corner stone of the day-to-day running of the organization, support services, and interdepartmental communications.  Nowadays, with companies offering 24 hours support to its customers, networks have also grown more complex and need enhanced network appliances to safeguard themselves against unanticipated security threats.

There are several companies that work towards inventing and devising state-of-art Security Network Appliances that are used by the government and other companies to make their network safe and secure, to avoid any discrepancies, to keep the data confidential, to transmit data in confidential manner etc. These equipment provide a safe path or a safe tunnel for the data transmission. The data gets encrypted while transferring to prevent it from being altered or hacked.  The company has combined or merged two technologies in order to prevent data.

Devices for security:

  • AW-HS Net Appliance High Security Network Appliance

describe the imageThis is a device that allows the creation of safe, secure and private tunnel through which the data can be transmitted without any danger of being traced, altered, hacked etc. Any data which belongs to the government, or any other industry, need to be encrypted first then transmitted. The devices are made in such a manner that two devices are needed to protect the data that is transmitted, one for encrypting the data and another to decrypt it. The device must be available at both points i.e. origin and destination.


  • AW140 FIPS 140-2 High Security Encryption Module

AW140 1It is a portable device that needs physical control over it. This device can be directly plugged in to your computer. The device then copies the data and encrypts it. This device requires the user to perform the security measures himself.  The circuit of this device is concealed with a government-approved tamper-evident coating. To prevent data from being hacked or copied, the person is authorized to encrypt and set password, thus ensuring the safety and security of the vital data.


These devices have a Mini USB Type B port allows easy configuration management with a PC or serial terminal. The programming interface provides two separately password protected user modes, Crypto Officer and User. The User can check status but only the Crypto Officer can set the encryption keys physically and electrically tamper evident to protect encryption keys from becoming compromised. 

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