Ethernet Security Camera – Home Security Made Easy

By: Courtney Hamby on July 21st, 2014

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Ethernet Security Camera – Home Security Made Easy

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describe the imageWould the news of a house break-in while the owners were away for a couple of hours prompt you to cancel your vacation trip? Then an Ethernet security camera may be your solution. It is a harsh reality that we cannot rely on the police alone to safeguard our houses anymore. It has become impossible for the law enforcing authority to keep an eye on every house and at the same time keep the country safe from every untoward incident in this terror-torn world. But don’t get disheartened, there are other solutions. Human ingenuity always worked out a solution when challenged and cornered. Ethernet security systems can keep an eye 24/7 to your:

  • Entrance
  • Interior of your house
  • Garage
  • Garden

How to install it?

Of course you need to fix more than one camera depending upon your requirement. And this is nothing new; you encounter such cameras in shopping malls, banks, ATMs, in busy crossings, and many other public places that need 24/7 surveillance. The systems are easy to install and often come in do-it-yourself (DIY) kits, requiring no expert installation skills. The basic items you will need are:

  • Good Ethernet security camera of desired resolution (low light/motion detection)
  • Power connection at the location where the camera will be fixed
  • Wireless broadband router
  • Fixed or mobile enabled broadband connection.
  • Necessary cabling

What to look for

It is better to select WI-Fi enabled cameras so that you don’t have to lay a maze of cables in your house and spend a fortune for the initial installation and subsequent maintenance of the system. A curious rodent is enough to upset your entire security system. A web enabled motion detecting camera will send alerts (as per your choice) to your Smartphone or email ID, but unless configured correctly, a camera keeping a vigilant eye to your entrance or garden will send an alert to you for every passerby or moving thing. There is one more thing you must remember: All these cameras need power to run. If the intruder is aware of your security arrangement, he/she can deactivate your entire security system by simply disconnecting the power supply from outside. To guard against this, you need an auxiliary power back-up, so that this takes over when the main supply is off. Once you have a clear idea, you can shop for it online, as there are professionals to assist you and guide you at no extra cost.