Importance of Network Security for an Organization

By: Courtney Hamby on August 11th, 2014

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Importance of Network Security for an Organization

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describe the imageComputers and internet have become an essential part of almost every job of any organization. All the valuable information and data about the organization is saved in the computers making them vulnerable, which makes it essential to secure them with the help of effective security measures. Every organization should monitor its system to ensure its protection and prevent any possible unauthorized intrusion and attacks. Network security is important for the following reasons:


Importance of Network Security:

  • To safeguard the assets of the company: Protecting the assets of the company is one of the primary reasons of securing a network. The assets of the company not only comprise of the hardware and software of computers but also the information that is stored in them. The information is very crucial for any company, and network security is related to the protection, availability and integrity of the information. It should be available in a meaningful manner.
  • To achieve a competitive edge: Effective security measures offer an organization a competitive edge. Securing computer network becomes more important for e-commerce and internet financial services. It can also affect your business and sales as fewer people would be interested in using the internet system that is not protected.
  • To comply with the industrial standards and responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the every company to have effective protective and security measures to ensure the soundness of its operations. As most of the operations of any organization are dependent upon computers, they must develop certain strategies and policies to ensure that the company’s security requirements are met properly. It not only protects the company from liability but also secures its assets.
  • To keep the position: It is important to secure one’s job position within an organization and to ensure career prospects. The protection of the organizational assets is an important task for job security. It is an important part and responsibility of the administrator’s job.


Network security is, therefore, an essential task for any organization. It incurs cost to the company, but the costs are worth the important role that the security has to play. The costs are related to the hiring, training and deploying of the security systems. The cost will also incur in installing the filters, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems (IDSs) for securing the computer network. So, the costs are there but for this, the organizational network security cannot be compromised.

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