IP Video Surveillance - For A Cutting Edge Solution

By: Courtney Hamby on September 26th, 2014

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IP Video Surveillance - For A Cutting Edge Solution

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describe the imageThe Internet Protocol camera is a type of camera, which is mainly used for the purpose of surveillance. It is a digitized video camera unlike the (CCTV) Closed-circuit television camera. In fact, the first centralized IP Video Surveillance was discovered by Axis Communications.

Benefits of the IP Video Camera:

The IP Video Surveillance wins over the other types of new-age cameras with the fact that it can send and receive data and information through an access to a network. They stream live videos with the help of digital packets across the LAN (Local Area Network). It utilizes open IP for the video monitoring ability. It on the other hand, helps the viewers to have a look at it from various locations. It facilitates the transition of commands via a single network cable. It functions on a wireless network too, and the flexibility works among its many advantages.

These cameras are a bit similar to the webcams but since their priority is for surveillance on a larger scale it is known as net cam or IP Video. It also features Power over Ethernet which fulfills the criteria of lesser power supply. It too has classifications and different IP, has different variations and capability and capturing power. There are two types of IP cameras:

  • Centralized IP: These kinds of cameras include the recording, video and alarm management with the aid of its Network Video Recorder.
  • Decentralized IP: These kinds of camera functions with their already built in facility to record directly to any storage media such as PC, server or SD cards. They do not require the Network Video Recorder.

Other Applications of the IP Video Camera:

There are also certain applications which an IP Video Surveillance camera should entail. They are as follows:

  • It provides high alert security and can be installed for monitoring valuable assets.
  • It is also used in Wildlife Management Reserve for viewing remote and dense areas in the forest or the zoo where human hand cannot reach. However, with the help of technology, this factor has been relieved. It allows the forest guards to keep a check on its activities and also helps in observation while with some experimental agendas.
  • It is also installed in residential surveillance in high alert areas such as Embassy House, Presidential areas or areas where people of high stature and importance live.
  • It even gives access to live video streaming to any world event or public events.
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