A Few Useful Tips on How to Improve Network Security

By: Courtney Hamby on November 5th, 2014

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A Few Useful Tips on How to Improve Network Security

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describe the imageThe internet has brought with it many networking options. The result is modern day networking infrastructures with large amounts of information related to commerce, military, government etc. and which is pivotal to the working of nations and entities. The information is delivered using public networks and many times entities and businesses have to suffer serious losses due to outdated security methods or lack of apt security methods. It has been observed that providing security to the networks is the need of the hour. This article provides the readers Few Useful Tips on How to Improve Network Security:


Secure The Whole Network: Many tend to focus solely on providing security in the computers at various ends of the communication chain. But a hacker can obtain information, insert messages and decrypt data etc. via communication channels too. It is imperative that communication channels should also be provided security.


Effective Security Plan: At times it gets difficult to decide how to prepare an effective security plan. While one is developing the security network, one should consider following:

  • Access: Only authorized users should be allowed to communicate via the network.
  • Confidentiality: The information stored in the network should be kept private.
  • Authentication: It should be ensured that the people who are using the network are genuine.
  • NonRepudiation: It should also be ensured that no user refuses his/her usage of network.
  • Accurate Messages: It should be ensured that the messages do not get altered during transit.


Security Products/Tools: There are variety of security products/tools available that are widely used by the businesses and entities worldwide. Some of the products/tools are firewalls, authentication mechanisms, intrusion‐detection, encryption, security management etc. The various security issues should be understood along with potential attackers, and right security products/tools should be resorted to. It should be remembered that unfolding new security issues leads to innovation of advanced security products/tools.


Advance Cryptographic Security Methods: There is a strong relationship between data security and network security. The codes that were considered strong in the past can be broken in jiffy by the hackers today. Thus, cryptographic security methods should be improved! Cryptography (the art of solving codes) takes place at the application layer while the network security is present in physical layer. The application writers should use codes that cannot be cracked easily.


Though developments in the internet architecture has made web a much safer place, the various online crimes and resulting financial losses has fueled the interest of the businesses in network security. There are many trusted networking security solutions that provide security products according to the needs of the businesses and individuals.