What is an Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge?

By: Courtney Hamby on December 2nd, 2014

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What is an Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge?

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Ethernet BridgeThe device that allows users of two or more comprehensive set of connections to exchange information with one another over distance without wires is referred as a wireless bridge. The networks can be placed in the adjacent buildings or in the same building with the help of proper antennas and be competent to connect set-up up to a distance of up to 30 miles. The various products that are available for outdoor application with the use of technology include Industrial Wireless Access Bridge, Long Range Wireless Access Bridge, and Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge. These Ethernet bridges are ideal for use in industrial environments as they support high-speed networking.


The main features of Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge include:

  • Wireless links for a distance of more than 30 miles
  • Service vehicles can roam within numerous centers with mobile support
  • Built in web browser for remote management
  • Synchronized RF transmissions consent to operation of the huge number of co-located radios
  • The strong water-resistant outdoor inclusion has allowed an ever-increasing unit next to the antenna, dipping the RF coaxial cable losses.

Use of Wireless Ethernet Bridges

The wireless Ethernet bridges are a diverse set of technology that includes WiFi, 5.8 GHz and 900MHz. They can be used to hook up to two LAN sections, and facilitate to bring Internet connection to inaccessible locations. It also provides connectivity in harsh environmental conditions.

The Industrial Wireless Ethernet has a built-in spectrum analyzer and that requires minimal programming. It can install up to 16 clients per admittance point, and it can activate up to 12 contact points, each on its individual non-overlapping channel. It is very easy to install this system, as it does not require an FCC license for its functioning. 

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