Uses Of Wireless Radios In The Smart Grid/Utilities Market

By: Courtney Hamby on January 21st, 2015

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Uses Of Wireless Radios In The Smart Grid/Utilities Market

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smart gridRecently there has been an increased focus on efficient transmission & distribution of electricity, & Smart Grids have emerged as a universal solution. Smart Grids have become smarter & more secure with the use of advanced computer intelligence and networking solutions. The integration of secure wireless solutions is the key to an effective smart grid network.

AvaLAN Wireless & Extreme Endeavors

When we talk of secure wireless solutions, AvaLAN Wireless is the name that comes to the forefront. AvaLAN Wireless is a market leader when it comes to solutions regarding surveillance video, access control, industrial automation, remote sensing and remote control markets. AvaLAN products are widely utilized by scores of clients across the industry in numerous applications. In West Virginia, Extreme Endeavors has been utilizing AvaLAN products for infrastructure monitoring & control. The entire region is covered with thick vegetation, & devoid of facilities like cell phone coverage and high speed internet. Extreme Endeavors has undertaken a project with Central Barbour Public Service District, which is an extensive network comprising five water tanks and five pump stations.

AvaLAN Wireless Radios In Smart Grid/Utilities Environment

Extreme Endeavors makes use of AvaLAN Wireless Radios in its hi-tech system to monitor the sensors and controllers. AvaLAN Wireless Radios are used in the system for detecting the water tank levels, grid power conditions, for sensing the current levels in the pump motor and in many other applications. Furthermore, AvaLAN Radios are also used to control the pumping system that ensures efficient water distribution throughout the region. Use of AvaLAN Wireless Radios in this smart grid network ensures the collection of sensor data with great precision and within limited time. This data is further utilized by concerned authorities to determine the condition of the pumping system & helps rectify any flaws before they get out of hand.


Extreme Endeavors utilizes AvaLAN products in numerous other critical infrastructure monitoring applications. You can read more about how they used them for water and power distribution sensors and controllers here. Other AvaLAN products are extensively utilized in the smart grid environment owing to their robustness and reliability.

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