An Introduction to Industrial Wireless Bridges

By: Courtney Hamby on January 27th, 2015

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An Introduction to Industrial Wireless Bridges

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describe the imageIn infrastructure development, a bridge is constructed to connect two locations that are separated due to a certain distance. They are used to connect places that have been separated by a water body or a valley in between. Industries also use Wireless Bridges for similar purpose but in a completely different way. An Industrial Wireless Bridge is used to connect two networks that are separated by a certain distance. They are widely used in large campuses where various different locations require simultaneous access to one parent network, which is commonly known as the intranet network.


Components Of An Internet Wireless Bridge

An Internet Wireless Bridge is composed of two components, typically, an antenna and a radio. The antenna is basically used to amplify and transmit signals through air. A network can be sub divided into two smaller networks that may be physically separated from each other, but are still parts of the same parent network. These are commonly known as virtual local area networks.


Common Applications Of Wireless Bridges

Wireless bridges are extensively used in schools, colleges, commercial sectors and industrial applications to create a separate network body for every department within the enterprise. It involves a significant amount of money investment in setting up even small distance networks. Moreover, even after such high scale investment, the frequent technical problems always pose a problem in the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of the entire network. Wireless systems on the other hand, are considered to be very efficient as they are simply wire-less and there are lesser chances of technical flaws and if ever some may arise, they are easy to detect and correct.


Wireless bridges are a must in industries these days. With more and more industries becoming digitally modified, the popularity and demand of Industrial Wireless Bridges are also on a high. The major reason behind their demand is their hassle free functioning. 

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