Commercial Gas Pump and its detailed working process

By: Courtney Hamby on July 22nd, 2015

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Commercial Gas Pump and its detailed working process

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Automobiles are one major source of transportation in today’s world. Every individual has gone to the gas station at least once in his or her lifetime. But have you ever tried to know where the 18 wheelers and fleet vehicles gas up and how these commercial gas pumps work? Where does oil or gasoline get transferred to the gas station? How the oil gets stored? This process looks easy and simple but behind the curtain, a huge process is taking place. You will get to know about all the information in detail in the article below.
Oil and gas storage tanks

For storing gas and oil, tanks are made. These tanks are underneath the ground of Gas station. Approximately one thousand gallons of gas can be stored in the tank. At least 2 tanks are operated with suction and submersible pump in every commercial gas pump. A suction pump basically is used for sucking the gas upwards with force whereas a submersible pump has a device named propeller used to move the fuel in upwards direction.

Check Valve
The gasoline that comes out of the suction pump comes up to the check valve. Gas supply which the check valve holds maintains the pressure between gas valve and suction pump.  Due to this, the customer does not have to hold for receiving fuel. This is ensured by the check valve

Flow Meter
This is one very important as it helps customer read the amount filled in their vehicle. As check valve releases the fuel, the flow of the fuel is measured. Rotor and gear calculate the amount of gas dispensed to your vehicle.

Blend Valve
When an individual goes to a gas station, the first thing that comes into his mind is the various types of fuel offered by the gas station. The type of gas you want can be simply chosen by selecting the press button. Every Commercial gas pump has two tanks underneath. This does not mean that all varieties of fuel are provided.  The basic two fuels available at the gas stations are petrol and diesel. The oil that has to be put into the vehicle is available in packets at the gas stations only. The two tanks contain- one the content fuel with the highest octane, and the other one contains the content fuel with the medium octane. These are further mixed together like a cocktail in the blend valve.

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