Functions of a Wireless Bridge

By: Courtney Hamby on March 3rd, 2015

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Functions of a Wireless Bridge

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AW58300HTPA Wireless bridge is the most convenient way to connect two or more LAN sections without the use of Ethernet cables, which run between two separate LAN segments. Various local area networks can be linked without any wire because of this hardware device. Many IT professionals generally use the technical term named as wireless LAN to LAN bridge instead of the wireless bridge.


Purpose Of Wireless Bridge

Most of the IT companies and industries use wireless bridge. It is linked with the computer from one building to other part of the building conveniently, located in the same area without Ethernet cables. Once the bridge is installed in the required area, it will be ready to transmit data through small packets and are received by the ports. One of the ports used to collect data packets from the LAN Bridge and then re-transmits it to some other port. Thus, it helps in collecting data packets without any system conflicts.


Point – To – Multipoint Wireless Bridge

With the help of Point – To – Multipoint connection, the numerous remote sites, such as buildings can be connected with a single local area network. It is connected with single root bridge at a centralized area and shares with other bandwidth over wireless connection. However, it requires additional efforts such as traffic and proper capacity planning. The Point To Multipoint Antennae play an essential role in PMP communication, where there is a central antenna that transmits to receiving antennae across the network.


Benefits Of Point – To – Multipoint Wireless Bridge

Wireless Bridge is simple and powerful equipment that helps in delivering high speed connectivity to multiple locations. Moreover, it comes with various benefits out of which some are highlighted in the below listings.


  1. Flexibility - This equipment helps in meeting the needs and expectations of various customer environments that include schools, business organizations, government etc.
  2. Cost – Effective – It enables broadband access to multiple locations extremely at lower cost as it does not require any additional investments on equipment and software.
  3. No Interference – Its unique and strong modulation scheme helps in improving the quality of data delivery and effectively eliminates the interference, occurring from other systems.
  4. High Speed – It offers great speed while downloading and uploading data. The Point – To – Multipoint Wireless Bridge avails upto 21mbps. Normal wired LANs consume great time while downloading and uploading.


Wireless bridge is the best and popular device, which is in great demand by the entire industrial and residential sector. Thus, it is highly recommended, as it is efficient enough to transmit the data conveniently without any interference.

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