Importance of Long Range Wireless Ethernet connectivity

By: Courtney Hamby on October 8th, 2015

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Importance of Long Range Wireless Ethernet connectivity

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In the industrial world, personnel often have to work in some remote areas where they may not be connected with any internet services. This is particularly true in regions like forests, high sea, mountains, etc. In such cases, the industries normally prefer to establish industrial wireless radio service whereby it would be possible to establish connectivity with its workforce by making use of radio frequencies. You can find many agencies specialized in providing such long range wireless Ethernet services that are known to secure very efficient connectivity with the staff working in the field station.


Here is some brief insight into the unique characteristics of long range wireless Ethernet services provided by these agencies:

Customized service: These agencies provide customized services like for those working in remote areas or for those working on public safety works during floods, earthquake, etc. For the benefit of the client, the agencies would help establish which Ethernet services is the best fit for their application, 900 MHz, 5.8 GHz or 4.9Ghz.

Security of data:  This is one of the very important elements that need a careful analysis. To achieve security of data, the products are encrypted which permit only authorized persons to beam or retrieve data in the prescribed range.

Interference avoidance: Any other devices working in the same frequency may interfere with the data of the clients. To avoid such a situation, the agencies take an appropriate action which prevents such interference.

Affordable price: The service charges of the agencies are known to be quite reasonable. The service charges normally depend on the type of Ethernet service.

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