Things You Should Know About Digital Signage

By: Courtney Hamby on June 23rd, 2015

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Things You Should Know About Digital Signage

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Digital signage can be defined as a kind of electronic display that continuously displays changing messages through images. The purposes of using it may differ from giving out public information to forming an improved visitor/customer experience and to screening advertisements of different kinds of consumer products and services. The set-up of images and messages are electronically controlled via a computer that allows the content to be modified so as to meet the intended messaging purpose. In this system, media files are uploaded to the internet server and downloaded to Signage Screen through a wireless or a wired system.

Benefits of Digital Signage:

There are many benefits of wireless digital signage. Some of the more obvious benefits are that digital signage has excellent wireless connectivity to provide real-time information. Digital signage attracts more attention and its content can also be easily updated. It means that with the use of wireless digital signage, you get long-term advertising benefits thus significantly reducing the costs. Some benefits that you may not come to mind originally is that a Wireless Digital Signage System offers increased mobility. Users do not need to have a cable-enabled point to transmit data from one point to another; they can use the wireless technology to transmit data with effortless ease. In addition to mobility, one main problem with wired network is that in case they are rendered non-functional, engineers need to perform maintenance work for hours. With wireless technology, once the access point in fitted, it becomes extremely easy to tweak settings.

How is Digital Signage Used?

Digital signage systems are being used in a variety of places for advertising, sharing information, and more. You can find digital signage being used by hotels, hospitals, fast food restaurants, resorts and to hospitality. Wireless digital signage can also be used at a large number of industrial and commercial setups. It is also often used at retail outlets & corporate areas, churches and schools, and even in public transportation systems. There are many different industries that use digital signage to reach customers in this effective manner.

How to Connect Digital Signage?

Now that we know some of the benefits and applications of digital signage, let’s talk about how to connect digital signage. There are multiple ways of connecting your digital signage. Wireless digital signage used to be only used in retrofit installations but it is now the way most digital signs are installed. Using wireless to connect your digital sign can save you installation cost and are easier to manage. Getting power to a digital sign is typically straight forward but getting network or data connectivity is often perceived as more complex issue. Trenching and burying cable in the ground can be a very expensive proposition in the installation of a digital sign.  It is much easier and lower cost to add an industrial outdoor wireless Ethernet bridge to connect a sign from its location to your building.  There are three things you need to know about wireless digital signage. First is to look for an industrial outdoor wireless Ethernet bridge that is easy to use and built specifically for the outdoor environment. Secondly, use outdoor UV rated cabling to connect your wireless digital signage to your wireless Ethernet bridge and finally, using an Ethernet interface will enable you to easily access your digital sign from anywhere on the internet.

Ever since its inception, Digital Signage has offered a competitive edge to marketers all around the globe. Due to reduced cost and availability of high-resolution screens, Digital Signage offers greater degree of return on investment when compared to non-digital modes of advertising which makes it a great solution for product information and a source for sharing information. 

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