Top Features of a Successful Industrial Wireless Installation

By: Courtney Hamby on April 9th, 2015

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Top Features of a Successful Industrial Wireless Installation

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Wireless-InstallationOrganizations frequently require data and voice communication for smooth flow of ideas and operations. Though wired networks can support high data rate with great reliability, it is expensive and not feasible to dig grounds or lay wires in industries where it can be hazardous to wires installations. So, what are the features that should be looked upon while installing Industrial Wireless products

Infrastructure Requirements For Wireless Installation:

Every industry requires that mobility should be ensured but at a reasonable cost. There are some specific outlines to maintain to use Industrial Ethernet Products to deliver wireless network to every person in the organization irrespective of their location.

Reliability: In an industrial environment, there is a high need for fast movement of data between different factions so the wireless must be as reliable as wired systems. Even a small lag in real time communication in production line can prove to be a costly affair. For greater productivity, some features should be kept in mine during installation
  • Modes: The wireless network must be able to switch on to active and standby modes instantly as these are crucial for better and uninterrupted network.
  • Cluster: This enables Industrial Ethernet Products to immediately and automatically switch to another access port in case of a switch failure, and remove any points associated with the failed switch.
  • Power coverage: Many a times due to increased usage traffic, an access port fails for a little time. During this time, the neighboring ports automatically adjust the power to fill the resulting power outage. 

Security: Every industry requires that their network must be protected from unauthorized users, who can then access the company’s confidential projects and policies or can steal company data. In order to achieve impregnable level of security, real time monitoring should be made possible so that any breach can be swiftly reported and problem be removed.

  • Authentication: Authentication protocols allow verification of user identity prior to granting network access. This can be password based and sometimes finger or retina based.
  • Data Encryption: Industrial Ethernet Products proved WPA2 that utilize sophisticated data encryption protocols to protect data as it travels over the Industrial Wireless system. WPA2 also manages the interconnectivity between mobile devices and wireless.
  • Intrusion Detection: Any time a security breach occurs, it is necessary to find it instantly and prevent it before any big leakage of information occurs. This is also analyzed on how this attack can be prevented in the future.

Because of these features, many new industries are relying on communication with Industrial Wireless equipment. Workers in various industrial environments find themselves working in remote locations, or places where there are many hazardous materials present. Installation of a successful wireless network vary depending on the the requirements of the environment and the challenges for providing a safe and reliable wireless networking.

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