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Wireless Solutions Offer More Flexibility and Control at the Pump Without Intrusive Installations

Most consumers visit fuel centers regularly without giving much thought to their inner workings. But owners of these centers certainly care about the logistics of making their displays function maximally. Many center-displays transmit a great deal of information—from fuel prices and product advertisements, to POS data, to important weather information. Most rely on buried cabling for their digital signage systems, but installation is expensive and requires invasive trenching work. Trenching the required cabling also does not allow for any type of remote access to the signage and components which, inhibits flexibility in time and location for sign changes. For proper longevity and customization, remote access to digital signage components is critical.

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Wireless Digital Signage – The Changing Face Of Digital Advertisement

Ever since its inception, Digital Signage has offered a competitive edge to marketers all around the globe. With changing technology, just like any other mode of advertisement, Digital Signage underwent a phase of transition. Today, a Digital Signage comes loaded with different features and specification. A Digital Signage network is created from a computer-controlled system that displays information transmitted over the internet. In this system, media files are uploaded to the internet server and downloaded to Signage Screen through a wireless or a wired system. The experience of viewing in Digital Signage is similar to that of watching a TV; the only difference here is that a Digital Signage displays a private channel with customized content.

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