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Why Should You Use an Industrial Ethernet Network?

This is a time where fast flowing information is of paramount interest to industries. Industrial Ethernet refers to the use of Ethernet networking in an industrial environment for automation or process control. Industrial Ethernet Products are specifically designed to work in harsh environments of varying temperatures, humidity etc. that can prove to be any kind of hindrance to information movement intended to move in a controlled environment.

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Wireless Networking Limits - Part 1 of 3 - Line of Sight

At AvaLAN Wireless, we have done our best to design our products in such a way as to push the limits of possibility, sometimes even venturing into the realms of the unfathomable. However, the Laws of Physics and the Universe still govern much of what we can and cannot do. We still have limits. The trick to making the most of our products is to know those limits. Knowing your limitations is not just beneficial to your project, it is crucial to its success. Knowing your limitations will save you time, money, effort, and especially frustration. Today I would like to talk about some of the basic limitations of the 300Mbps 5.8GHz Radios (AW58300HTA, AW58300HTS, and AW58300HTP-PAIR). These include line of sight, throughput and Gigabit cable lengths. In Part 1, we will discuss the line of site limitations.

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